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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need the Slime Bag™?

To remove fine particulate you need to improve your current filtration system. Measured in microns, or thousands of an inch, particulates that contaminate your pool are passing through your existing filters! Adding the Slime Bag™ to your pool ensures you can catch the particles you would have otherwise given your pool a cloudy appearance.

Sand Filter 25 to 40 micron
DE Filter 5-10 micron
Cartridge Filter 5-10 micron
Slime Bag™ 1 micron
This means:

Can the Slime Bag™ remove everything from the water?

The Slime Bag™ is a 1 micron filter with a 98% efficiency rating. No filter can clam 100% efficiency, even the Slime Bag™. However, the Slime Bag™ is the most effective pool filter on the market today.

Using all three Slime Bags™ in conjunction with your existing filtration system ensures that you have the most effective solution available to eliminating common pool problems while saving time and money.

Can the Backwash/DE Slime Bag™ eliminate the need to Backwash?

Unfortunately, nothing can eliminate the need to Backwash your sand filter. However, using the Vacuum/X-tra Polishing Slime Bag™ considerably reduces the frequency of Backwash required. It will make existing filtration equipment more effective.

This will save you time spent Backwashing, which is also a large contributor to a loss of heated water that has been treated with chemicals. Use the Backwash/DE Slime Bag™ to reduce even more waste.

Can pool chemicals reduce the effectiveness of the Slime Bag™?

Currently there are chemical products on the market that are attempting to do what the Slime Bag™ does. These chemicals are coagulants, flocculants and clarifiers which try to make the sand filter more efficient by chemically collecting a number of smaller particles together into several larger particle which can then be filtered through a send filter.

The solution is not more adding chemicals. The Slime Bag™ traps the same particles while saving money and reducing your dependency on costly additives.

Some current pool chemicals can contain clarifiers either in liquid, tablet or powder form. The Slime Bag™ can eliminate the need for most all of them. The Slime Bag™ cannot be used in conjunction with most clarifiers!

Why are the Slime Bag™ different sizes?

The Slime Bags™ are in different sizes because they are designed to accommodate different flow rates in your pool. Different applications require different flow rates. Example: The Filler'-Up Slime Bag™ accommodates up to 15 GPM. The Polishing Slime Bag™ accommodates flow rates up to 40 GPM and the Vacuum/X-tra Polishing Slime Bag™ has a 60 GPM capacity.

The Slime Bags™ be used in conjuction with one-another to achieve a sparkling and clean pool. Note: you cannot use small bags for the larger applications.

My filter equipment has pressure ratings, how does this apply to the Slime Bags™?

Much like all your other equipment used to service your pool, the Slime Bags™? have a pressure capacity rating, or Pounds Per Square Inch (PSI). It is recommended that you do not process water through the Slime Bags™? as a pressure of greater than 50PSI. Like all the other components in your pool, you could damage your Slime Bags™? or related equipment by not following the instructions and recommendations pressure ratings. If you have any questions about your equipment and how it relates to using your Slime Bags™? just ask us. This will ensure you get the most effective results from your Slime Bags™?.

When do I replace my Slime Bag™?

The Slime Bag™? can be cleaned many times before it requires replacement. As discussed above, the pressure will increase, as the bags get dirtier. You should replace when you have a 10 to 15 pound pressure differential which cannot be rectified be cleaning. Replace your Slime Bag™? if it becomes damaged or retains water when held outside of water.

Where do I go if I have questions?

Contact us at the number below or send us e-mail at

The Slime Bag™? is a revolutionary pool product! The solution is better filtration, so stop wasting time and throwing money down the drain! Order the Slime Bag™? today!


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